Dining + Nightlife

Dining + Nightlife

The inviting retro vibe, the polished menu, the craft cocktails and aged whiskies are all on point.

Despite its roominess (and safely spaced seating), Will’s + Bill’s manages to feel warm and cozy – like your favorite English pub or mountain lodge, a snug antidote to this inhospitable COVID winter.

Truth be told, calling Will’s + Bill’s a brewery sells it short. Although tasty beers are brewed onsite daily, W+B is way more sophisticated than your typical beer hall.

You can warm up by two roaring limestone-mantle fires…

Or sink into any tartan-plaid seat or booth – they’re all quite cushy. Interesting touches abound – from reclaimed wine-barrel wood stave walls to the tableaux of famous – and infamous – Wills and Bills.

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